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The Foundation

The Stichting Investor Claims Against BP ("Foundation") is a Dutch foundation pursuant to Article 3:305a of the Dutch Civil Code and able to act as representative body of the class of Non-U.S. Investors. The Foundation’s purposes include: (1) protecting the rights of all BP investors in the establishment, improvement or amendment of proper corporate governance at BP; (2) pursuing any wrongdoing during the Relevant Period on the part of BP, its management and/or any other persons responsible; (3) establishing and determining whether there was any legal liability on the part of BP, its former management and/or any other persons responsiblein connection with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in April 2010; (4) supporting and cooperating with any public investigative bodies and agencies investigating BP and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill; (5) analyzing, investigating, preparing, coordinating and funding collective efforts of Non-U.S. Investors to obtain compensation for their causally related investment losses suffered from the circumstances leading up to and following the Deepwater Horizon Disaster; and (6) initiating, coordinating and conducting negotiations with BP, and resolving any disputes involving shareholder compensation for wrongful capital market publications and information by BP, including the execution of any settlement agreements on behalf of all Non-U.S. investors, and the initiation and conduct of a WCAM settlement approval process.


Baker Panel Report
January 16th, 2007